Sunday, June 10, 2012


Today we traveled to the Mayan ruins in Xunantunich. Before we got there we passed many shops selling woven bags, pots and vases, and slate carvings. We then took a ferry with a metal hand-crank to power it across the Mopan river. Once on the other side, we stopped for sodas and met our tour guides. We hiked down a hilly road for one mile before reaching the site. Along the way we saw all kinds of ancient Mayan ruins that made up the market place surrounding the major Mayan palace. We saw avocado trees, palm nuts which had oil that could be extracted for cooking, bananas, and the “tourist tree” which had flaky reddish-brown bark and represented the peeling and burnt skin of a tourist when they come to Belize. We also saw wild okra while walking towards the palace. The palace was four-sided, one being the side where the sun came up, and another being the side where the sun set. The steps of the palace were steep and narrow which made it easy to fall, but luckily no one did. Surprisingly it didn’t take long to reach the top. Once we got there people were afraid to look down but eventually they did and we all couldn’t believe the amazing view.

- Julia and Connor


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