Monday, June 11, 2012

Leadership - Reading Buddies

Today, after doing service work and playing with the children at St. Matthews, everyone sat down to read with a specific grade. We read with grades 1st-6th, or Infant 1-2 and Standard 1-4. Also, other groups performed a play and did a leadership activity. Everyone picked out an age appropriate book for their age group. Some groups read the stories to the kids while in some groups the kids read to them. While we read the kids were very attentive and laughed at a lot of the lines in the books. It was a really great feeling when you would finish one book and all the kids would crowd around you wanting you to read another. Once our time was up, it was amazing to see all the kids run up and hug you and ask you for pictures. This was a great opportunity to grow stronger relationships with the kids at St. Matthews. 

- James and Savanah


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