Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere!

Hello from Belize! This afternoon before dinner, we walked out of our cabins and saw Chester, one of our tour guides, holding a huge tarantula. At first, most girls freaked out when they heard he found it behind our cabins... and it was a tarantula. Everyone was very hesitant to hold it, except Cade. After about two minutes, Claire offered to be the second to hold it. She said it was like a hand massage, now she says she is not half as scared to hold tarantula. Next to hold it was Danielle, she almost started crying, but she was not the only one. Hayden and Rachel and Bri, our photographer, were probably the most scared out of everyone who held it. Chester said that the tarantula was probably a 20 year old female. He said that female tarantulas can live up to 40 years, and males die about 6 months after they reproduce. We named it Randy. Cade, being the “outdoorsy” person he is, decided that he would like to put the tarantula on his head... so chester set the tarantula on his head. After Cade put it on his head, Claire, Danielle, and Hayden decided they wanted to put it on their heads also. It felt awesome when it crawled down your arm. It was a really cool experience to hold and handle a tarantula.

- Danielle and Claire


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