Monday, June 11, 2012

Leadership - Ms. Peshe's Play

At around 3:00, Grace Ann and I went into a Standard 5, Mrs. Peshe’s class, to do a play. It was called, “The Great Snakeskin.” Grace Ann and I went in all nervous and shy. Once we started to read and act, all of the jitters went away. I was the Watersnake and Grace Ann was the Coramount Queen. It was a lot of fun acting with the kids. We had a lot of extra spots left, so we gave them to other kids in the class. The rest of the kids that didn’t get any roles, so they were the birds' chorus. Miss Little was the narrator. We started with Miss Little introducing the cast and the play. She read and we started acting. I read my lines and the other kids acted so well. They really adapted to their roles. One kid was a parrot. He did a parrot noise before he said his line each time. That shows that they are not afraid to be another person or in this case..... a bird. We did what the play really said to do. We fought if we had to fight and hissed if we had to hiss. It was fun to see the kids laugh at me while I was on the ground dead. At the end, all of the kids had smiles on their faces. You could tell that they had a good time watching and/or acting with us. 

- Maggie


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