Monday, June 11, 2012

The Belize Zoo

Tonight we went to the Belize Zoo. We learned that this is the only zoo in Belize. We saw many interesting animals such as, ocelot, puma, jaguar, eagles, owls, margay, howler monkeys, and a tapir (which happens to be the Belize national animal). We were able to feed the tapir and pet it. We also fed many other animals. We were about a foot away from a puma which we know as the mountain lion or cougar. We petted a jaguar paw through the fence and then he did tricks for us. We also saw a crocodile. The howler monkeys were very loud even though they weigh around 15 pounds. When they howled we were startled. Most of the animals were endangered. The zoo was especially fun at night. We had a great time! 

- Natalie & Keith


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