Saturday, June 9, 2012

Big Rock Falls

On the way to Big Rock Falls, we walked down a rocky road and Juan taught us about different types of plants to avoid and to observe. Before we all were about to walk down a steep hill with tons of rocks and places to slip and fall, some people ate termites (Anna, Carter, Ms.Little, Danielle, Kristi, Cooper, Cade, Claire, and a few others). We all then hiked down the hill and began to hear and see some of the waterfalls. While we were there we all got to swim, take pictures and become closer as a group! Some of the girls brought waterproof cameras so, they all took pictures underwater! On the way back to Pine Ridge, the first thing we did was climb the steep hill again and eat cookies. We went down the same road we came on and looked at the plants Juan told us about before. For instance, the mimosa, which would close when you touched it and act like it was sleeping, and cutting grass, which would cut you if you rubbed up against it. Big Rock Falls was just one fantastic experience on this wonderful trip, so sit back and read this blog!!! LET’S BELIZE IT!

- Anna & Hayden 


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